Dedicated to providing sanctuary and lifelong care to all homeless animals since 1998


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• Tax-deductible Donations 
Donations to SCAT are fully tax-deductible.  Please send your check to SCAT at P.O. Box 4717, Stamford CT 06907.  You can also reach us at 860-535-0205.  Thank you!! 

• Tag Sale Donations 
Tag sales are one of our biggest fundraisers. You can help by donating items such as housewares, appliances, toys, and sporting goods (no clothing or books, thanks). Please call 860-535-0205 if you have items to donate. 

SCAT is registered with , a program that allows you to "donate" to SCAT... free! Simply shop online at any of over 350 of your favorite stores (e.g. 1-800-Flowers, Amazon, Best Buy,, PETsMART, and many others). Reference SCAT and up to 27% of each purchase you make will be redirected to SCAT! Not only is this completely free to you, you can also get discounts for yourself with special partner offers. For an extra $5 for SCAT, click on the following hyperlink:

• Matching Donations 
Making a donation to SCAT? See if your employer has a matching donations program. If so, you can easily double your donation! SCAT is a 501c3 non-profit organization. 

• Cash for Critters 

• SCAT T-Shirts 
You can have your very own SCAT T-Shirt, with a color logo on the front and web address on the back. See the SCAT Store for details. Wear it and help spread the word about cat and kitten rescue in Southern Connecticut! 

• Sponsor-a-Cat Program 
If you are unable to adopt a cat, our Sponsor-a-Cat program may interest you. We have several cats that have been with us since our founding. These cats may not be adopted because most people are interested in the younger cats and kittens. For $10/month, you can support one of our felines. You will receive a picture and information about the cat with quarterly updates on his or her progress. If interested please contact SCAT at the numbers listed above.

• Items Needed 
Desktop/Laptop Computer 
Copy Paper 
Business Sized Envelopes 
Postage Stamps 
Humane Animal Traps (Please contact us regarding this item) 
Animal Carriers (Please contact us regarding this item) (No cardboard carriers, please) 
Litter Boxes/Scoopers 
Cat Litter (Both Clay and Scoopable) 
Cat and Kitten Food (Dry and Canned) 
Water/Food Bowls 
Paper Plates 
Paper Towels 
Cleaning Products/Disinfectants (i.e. Bleach, Windex, Mr. Clean, Lysol, Laundry Detergent, etc.) 
Bath Towels/Mats 
Carpet Samples/Remnants (New only, please) 
Cat Toys


We have many other needs, please call 860-535-0205 if you have anything to donate.