Dedicated to providing sanctuary and lifelong care to all homeless animals since 1998


Volunteers are essential to our organization.

There are no "insignificant" jobs. Please review the list of volunteer opportunities below:

• Direct Interaction with Cats/Kittens
Volunteers are needed on a daily basis for interaction with cats in our Stamford shelter. This would involve the care and feeding of the animals along with showing the animals a little love and attention. This type of volunteer is especially gratifying since you will be able to experience first-hand how these abandoned animals are still able to trust and love humans.

• TNR Program (Trap/Neuter/Return Program)
Volunteers are needed to help trap stray/feral cats in the surrounding area. These cats also need to be fed on a daily basis until they are able to be trapped and when they are returned to their natural habitat.

• Adoption Day
Adoption Day occurs on a monthly basis. Volunteers are needed to help answer questions, to show the cats and kittens, and to help adopters fill out the applications.

• Fundraising

• Canister Programs
The placement of donation canisters at area businesses can provide a significant source of revenue for our organization. Volunteers are needed to seek local retail shops and businesses that are willing to display the canisters. The full canisters need to be collected and empty ones distributed on a regular basis.

• Office/Computer Work
Volunteers needed who are proficient in computer skills. This work can be done in the comfort of your own home.